Rockwool Flexi Slab

- Order securely online 24/7 Rockwool Flexi SlabRockwool Flexi is a unique insulation product with a patented flexible edge along one side. This unique Flexi edge is produced using patented technology to ensure a perfect fit is maintained between the product and its supporting framework. This is not always a general stock item in Builders Merchants depots, please contact us to ensure we can supply if you are not ordering only with other Plaster, Plasterboard and Insulation products.
  Code Description Price
(Excl. VAT)
50x1200x600mm 8.64m2 12pp
14906 50x1200x600mm 8.64m2 12pp - Pack 22.96
(min. qty.: 5)
60x1200x600mm 8.64m2 12pp
14907 60x1200x600mm 8.64m2 12pp - Pack 28.36
(min. qty.: 5)
70x1200x600mm 5.76m2 8pp
14908 70x1200x600mm 5.76m2 8pp - Pack 24.00
(min. qty.: 5)
100x1200x600mm 4.32m2 6pp
14909 100x1200x600mm 4.32m2 6pp - Pack 22.88
(min. qty.: 5)

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