- Order securely online 24/7 Renown*Due to recent shortages in manufacturer supply of this product please call 0871 770 4060 to check availability before ordering* A neat low-profile tile that comes in a variety of through coloured and granular faced finishes. Designed to blend unobtrusively into any environment. Easy to cut and fix. Authority Renown Tiles conform to BS EN 490: 1994: Specification for Concrete roofing tiles and fittings. Guarantee All of our products are designed and tested to work together. So not only is every product guaranteed weathertight, all the junctions between our products are similarly guaranteed. If any of our products fail during their first 15 years, we will not only replace them, we will also pay for the cost of labour and associated materials. Besides guaranteeing the roof tiles, this guarantee includes all our fittings and accessories. Indeed, the guarantee is so comprehensive that it is transferable to all future owners. A complete Lafarge Roofing roof is a completely guaranteed roof. Performance Renown Tiles have been rigorously tested in our wind tunnel where combinations of high wind and driving rain are used to determine the tile performance with respect to wind loading and weathertightness. Tiles will meet all the requirements of BS 5534: Part 1: 2003: Code of practice for Slating and tiling, providing our fixing recommendations are complied with.
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Redland Renown Tiles Tile Antique Red 150103
12735 Redland Renown Tiles Tile Antique Red 150103 - Each 0.95
(min. qty.: 252)
Redland Renown Tiles Tile Brown 150102
12736 Redland Renown Tiles Tile Brown 150102 - Each 0.95
(min. qty.: 252)

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