Rainwater Harvesting Systems

- Order securely online 24/7 Rainwater Harvesting Systems21 day delivery for these rainwater harvesting systems. The Need for Rainwater Harvesting In today´s climate, water is an expensive comodity. As a result of an increase in demand and water reserves continuing to decline, the amount available to us is falling and water charges are continuing to increase year on year. Our Climate Climate change is forecast to have a two-fold impact on water resources. It will reduce the amount of water available for public supply and it will increase the customer demand for water particularly in the garden. The Benefits Up to 50% of the drinking water that is currently used can be safely replaced with rainwater without any loss in convenience. Rainwater, often referred to as soft water, can be efficiently harvested, and used for laundry, flushing toilets, general cleaning and garden irrigation. Based on future water price projections, a complete rainwater recycling system excluding installation costs will pay for itself. In addition rainwater recycling projects can often be eligible for financial support from local municipalities. Help Save the Environment Rainwater harvesting makes ecological sense. In this situation instead of the rainwater requiring immediate percolation, the rainwater is retained in the property, this eases the pressure on the municipal drainage system.

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