Swift Plinth Foundation System

- Order securely online 24/7 Swift Plinth Foundation SystemThe swift plinth system is simple to use, easy to fit, adjust and a level platform on which to immediately start building guaranteed. Using the swift plinth system there is no mixing of concrete, no waiting for the base to set and no worries about the weather. With a traditional base you could be waiting up to 10 days before you can start building. The modular swift plinth system gets you out of the ground on day one. Swift plinth is on average 60% cheaper than using an alternative, traditional concrete base (and that excludes the down time waiting for the concrete to set). The Swift Foundation System is suitable for any size floor plan, for timber home, log cabin, Pavillion, garden office, shed or any other modular buildings and raised floor applications. Easier, Better, Faster and approx 60% cheaper than the traditional problematic concrete base. And if you move your home or building, your foundations can go with you! RECEIVES PLANNING AND BUILDING CONTROL APPROVAL This foundation system has an interlocking design which means there is no slippage, no matter how many base stones you add to build a deeper foundation. Can also be used as a support under large areas of suspended timber floors. LOAD BEARING: 2 tons per load-bearing point based on one top stone, bracket, and one 100ml Base stone. Calculation service available for costing and planning application. Swift bracket Galvanised steel. Allows up to 50mm fine-tuning at the turn of a spanner to enable the building to be leveled at any stage of the construction. . Swift top stone 50-newton high strength re-inforced concrete, pyramid shaped stone with location point for the Swift bracket. Swift base stone C50-newton high strength re-inforced concrete stones, 100mm (50mm only when needing more than the 50mm adjustment of the bracket) which allows you to adjust the levels very quickly and simply. These would be hidden below ground. Delivery of this product is 7 working days
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Swift Plinth Top Stone & Bracket complete with 50mm Base Stone
11085 Swift Plinth Top Stone & Bracket complete with 50mm Base Stone - each 89.00
(min. qty.: 4)
Base Stone Spacer 50mm
11086 Base Stone Spacer 50mm - each 24.95
(min. qty.: 4)
Base Grid 100mm
11087 Base Grid 100mm - each 10.29
(min. qty.: 4)

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