Regularised Kiln Dried C16 Graded Treated

- Order securely online 24/7 Regularised Kiln Dried C16 Graded TreatedIdeal for structural studwork, floor joists and roofing. When placing your order please order the total number of meters required and add a breakdown of how many pieces at each length you are ordering. Most regional depots stock 2400mm, 3000mm, 4200mm and 4800mm. If you require a specific length of timber please enquire first and we will confirm availability in your area. This is not always guaranteed as different depots stock different sizes - but we aim to assist you wherever possible. There may be circumstances where slightly more timber will be delivered as stock sizes do vary, we may need to contact you before delivery. Sizes stated are prefinished and may vary slightly. Profile supplied may vary slightly from pictures.
  Code Description Price
(Excl. VAT)
47.0mm x 75mm
9896 47.0mm x 75mm - Per metre 1.37
47.0mm x 100mm
9897 47.0mm x 100mm - Per metre 1.81
47.0mm x 125mm
9898 47.0mm x 125mm - Per metre 2.25
47.0mm x 150mm
9899 47.0mm x 150mm - Per metre 2.69
47.0mm x 175mm
9900 47.0mm x 175mm - Per metre 3.13
47.0mm x 200mm
9901 47.0mm x 200mm - Per metre 3.59
47.0mm x 225mm
9902 47.0mm x 225mm - Per metre 4.02

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